Who we are

Welcome to IMRECO Diamonds Ltd, an international natural diamond supplier, and manufacturer headquartered in Israel and Canada. We are a dynamic and growing company with a passion for the diamond industry that has been passed down through three generations.

Our Story


Imre Klauber & his wife Susan

Imre Klauber & his wife Susan

At IMRECO Diamonds, we take pride in our extensive expertise and experience in the diamond industry. Our founders, Ari Margolis, and Dave Klauber, are second and third generation diamantaires with a deep understanding of the trade. With a passion for diamonds passed down through three generations, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

Ari Margolis’s expertise in the diamond industry has been acquired through a combination of mentorship from his esteemed parents and extensive career experience. As a second-generation diamantaire, Ari has gained a global reputation for his contributions and is highly respected within the Israeli Diamond Exchange, where he has established a broad and influential network. At IMRECO Diamonds Ltd, Ari’s unwavering commitment to service, warmth, and professionalism is integral to its success and an ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Dave Klauber, with his extensive knowledge of the Canadian diamond industry, has mastered the intricacies of the trade and the confidential workings of the industry. Dave is known for his amiable demeanor and expansive global network and is highly regarded as an expert in the field. His expertise and passion for diamonds and jewelry knowledge contribute to IMRECO Diamonds’ reputation as a leading diamond manufacturer and supplier.

IMRECO Diamonds takes pride in its rich heritage and family-oriented approach. Our company’s name, IMRE, pays homage to Dave’s father, an esteemed diamantaire, and our logo represents the seamless transmission of knowledge and love for diamonds from one generation to the next. It symbolizes our commitment to preserving the legacy of expertise and passion for diamonds.

Our experience

Dave Klauber & Ari Margolis

Dave Klauber & Ari Margolis

While very professional and formal, the Diamond industry has always been built on an evident hallmark– trust. This is why we worked with the leading grading authorities and laboratories to ensure the best quality for our customers.

IMRECO Diamonds is well implemented in the Israeli diamond hub. Israel’s diamond industry is recognized worldwide for its expertise and manufacturing skills. As an official member of the Israel Diamond Exchange, one of the leading trading centers worldwide, with more than 3100 members, IMRECO Diamonds benefits from a wide variety of high-quality diamonds. It is also a sign of transparency, integrity, and business ethics. IMRECO Diamonds is part of The Israeli Diamond Industry, allowing us to be at the heart of the diamond ecosystem in Israel.

In Canada, IMRECO is affiliated with The Canadian Jewellers Association, which is also a flag of trust in the Canadian jewelry sector. In the United States, IMRECO Diamonds commits itself to the standards of The American Gem Society, a reference in the jewelry trade in the entire continent.

In addition, IMRECO Diamonds works closely with the leading international diamond certification authorities and laboratories in the diamond industry, such as the GIA (Gemological Institute Of America), HRD Antwerp , and IGI (the International Gemological Institute). Each uses highly advanced technology and research to precisely grade the worth of diamonds and jewelry.


Israel's diamond industry is recognized worldwide for its expertise and manufacturing skills.

We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes a sense of belonging.

Our values


Ethical sourcing and responsible practices are paramount to IMRECO Diamonds. We prioritize long-term relationships with customers worldwide by providing diamonds that meet the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices sets us apart in the industry.

Whether you’re seeking diamonds for a specific project or looking for a trusted supplier, IMRECO Diamonds is here to exceed your expectations. Our client’s success is our most outstanding achievement, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Thank you for choosing IMRECO Diamonds Ltd, where excellence is the cornerstone of our business.